How to Make Money with Online Comedy Writing

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1. Freelance Writing Jobs

  • Description: Freelance Writing Jobs is an excellent platform to find various freelance writing opportunities, including comedy writing gigs.
  • Why It’s Great: You’ll discover fresh job postings daily, and clients often offer competitive rates.
  • How to Get Started: Visit the Freelance Writing Jobs website and explore the available opportunities.

2. Cracked

  • Description: Cracked is a magazine that exclusively publishes humor and satirical content.
  • Why It’s Exciting: Although the print version no longer exists, you can still get your work published on their website.
  • How to Submit: Collaborate with Cracked’s editors to create hilarious articles, list posts, and more.

3. The New Yorker

  • Description: The New Yorker accepts witty and well-crafted humor pieces.
  • Why It’s Worth Trying: Getting published here adds prestige to your portfolio.
  • Submission Process: Study their guidelines and pitch your best ideas.

4. Reader’s Digest

  • Description: Reader’s Digest has a dedicated space for humor writing.
  • Why It’s Relevant: It’s a well-established publication with a broad readership.
  • How to Submit: Craft engaging and funny stories that resonate with their audience.

5. The Funny Times

  • Description: The Funny Times focuses solely on humor writing.
  • Why It’s Unique: You’ll find a supportive community of fellow humorists.
  • Submission Details: Check their guidelines and share your comedic brilliance.

6. Other Opportunities

  • Explore additional markets like Country, enRoute,, Sasee, and Saturday Evening Post.
  • Remember to adapt your style to each publication’s audience and voice.

Tips for Making Money Writing Comedy

  1. Know Your Audience: Understand the tone and preferences of the publication you’re targeting.
  2. Study Successful Humor Pieces: Learn from memorable humor articles and find inspiration.
  3. Craft Engaging Stories: Use personal experiences, absurd scenarios, and unexpected twists.
  4. Be Consistent: Regularly submit your work to build a portfolio and establish your brand.
  5. Join Writing Communities: Connect with other writers, share tips, and stay motivated.

Remember, humor writing is an art, and practice makes perfect. So, go ahead—write those witty anecdotes, tickle readers’ funny bones, and turn your passion into profit! 🤣🖋️

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