How to Make Money with Online Gaming Streaming

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Online gaming streaming is a popular and lucrative activity that many gamers enjoy. Streaming is when you broadcast your gameplay live to an online audience, usually on platforms like Twitch or YouTube. Streaming can be a fun way to share your passion, interact with your fans, and earn some extra income. But how do you make money with online gaming streaming? In this article, we will explain the different ways you can monetize your streams, and give you some tips on how to succeed as a streamer.

Ways to Monetize Your Streams

There are several ways you can make money with online gaming streaming, depending on your level of popularity, the platform you use, and the type of content you create. Here are some of the most common ways to monetize your streams:


Subscriptions are one of the main sources of income for streamers, especially on Twitch. Subscriptions are when viewers pay a monthly fee to support your channel, and in return, they get access to exclusive perks, such as ad-free viewing, custom emotes, badges, chat privileges, and more. Subscriptions are usually split between the streamer and the platform, with the streamer getting 50% or more of the revenue. Subscriptions are available for Twitch Partners and Affiliates, which are users who have reached a certain level of followers, views, and hours streamed. To encourage your viewers to subscribe, you should offer them valuable and unique benefits, such as shoutouts, giveaways, polls, Q&A sessions, and more. You should also thank your subscribers regularly, and show them your appreciation.

Bits and Donations

Bits and donations are another way to make money with online gaming streaming, and they are based on the generosity of your viewers. Bits are a form of virtual currency on Twitch, that viewers can buy with real money, and use to cheer for their favorite streamers. Each bit is worth one cent, and streamers get 100% of the revenue from bits. Donations are when viewers send you money directly, usually through third-party services like PayPal, Streamlabs, or Patreon. Donations can be any amount, and they are often accompanied by a message that appears on the stream. Bits and donations are a great way to show your support and gratitude to your streamers, and they can also be used to trigger special events, such as challenges, rewards, or alerts. To increase your chances of getting bits and donations, you should interact with your viewers, acknowledge their contributions, and create incentives for them to participate


Ads are another way to make money with online gaming streaming, and they are based on the number of views and impressions you get. Ads are short videos that play before, during, or after your stream, and they are usually provided by the platform or by sponsors. Ads are a passive way to generate income, but they can also be annoying for your viewers, especially if they interrupt your gameplay or commentary. Ads are available for Twitch Partners and Affiliates, and YouTube Partners, which are users who have met certain criteria, such as subscribers, watch time, and content quality. To optimize your ad revenue, you should balance the frequency and duration of your ads, and choose the best times to run them, such as during breaks, transitions, or low-action moments. You should also inform your viewers about your ad schedule, and explain the benefits of watching ads, such as supporting your channel or unlocking rewards


Sponsorships are another way to make money with online gaming streaming, and they are based on the exposure and influence you have. Sponsorships are when you partner with a brand, a game publisher, or a product, and promote them to your audience, in exchange for money, free products, or other benefits. Sponsorships can be a lucrative way to make money, but they can also be risky, as they can affect your credibility, reputation, and relationship with your viewers. Sponsorships are usually reserved for popular and established streamers, who have a large and loyal fan base, and a consistent and high-quality content. To attract and secure sponsorships, you should create a professional and appealing media kit, that showcases your channel’s statistics, demographics, achievements, and goals. You should also research and contact potential sponsors, that are relevant and suitable for your niche, audience, and values. You should also negotiate and agree on the terms and expectations of the sponsorship, such as the duration, frequency, format, and compensation

Tips to Succeed as a Streamer

Making money with online gaming streaming is not easy, and it requires a lot of hard work, dedication, and patience. However, there are some tips that can help you succeed as a streamer, and increase your chances of earning income. Here are some of them:

  • Choose a niche and a genre that you are passionate and knowledgeable about, and that has a high demand and low competition.
  • Create a unique and attractive channel name, logo, banner, and description, that reflect your personality, style, and brand.
  • Set up a high-quality and reliable streaming equipment, such as a computer, a microphone, a camera, a capture card, a headset, and a lighting system.
  • Use a streaming software, such as OBS, Streamlabs, or XSplit, that allows you to customize and optimize your stream, such as adding overlays, scenes, transitions, alerts, and widgets.
  • Stream regularly and consistently, and follow a schedule that suits your availability and your audience’s preferences.
  • Stream for at least 3 hours per session, and at least 3 times per week, to maximize your exposure and retention.
  • Choose the best platform for your goals and audience, such as Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, or Mixer, and learn how to use its features and tools.
  • Engage and interact with your viewers, and build a strong and loyal community, by reading and responding to chat messages, asking and answering questions, giving and receiving feedback, and hosting and joining raids, collaborations, and events.
  • Grow and diversify your audience, and promote your channel, by using social media, such as Twitter, Instagram, or Discord, and creating additional content, such as videos, blogs, podcasts, or newsletters.
  • Analyze and improve your performance, and track your progress, by using analytics, such as Twitch Insights, YouTube Analytics, or Streamlabs Dashboard, and setting and measuring your goals, such as followers, views, subscribers, revenue, and more.


Online gaming streaming is a fun and rewarding way to make money, but it also requires a lot of effort and strategy. To make money with online gaming streaming, you need to monetize your streams, by using methods such as subscriptions, bits, donations, ads, and sponsorships. You also need to succeed as a streamer, by following tips such as choosing a niche, creating a brand, setting up a equipment, streaming regularly, engaging with your viewers, promoting your channel, and analyzing your performance. By doing so, you can turn your passion into a profession, and enjoy the benefits of online gaming streaming.

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